Globalization, free trade and international trade have led to more food export. Along with this, there’s been a gorwth in the problems associated to fraud where adulteration, substitution and falsification occurs.

After the horse meat scandal in 2013, legislation and food control measures became more strict. Unfortunately, food fraud continues.

This fraud, although driven by economics, affects to the consumers. Not only is it dishonest, but thorugh a  lack of information, but a health threat. The presence of allergens or other non- declared substance could affect food safety.

To overcome this DNA Catcher offers a rapid detection kit to ensure the reliability of meat derived products.

The detection of different animal species in meat is not only a relevant tool to control to control fraud, but also is important for religious reason (Halal, Kosher). Beside this, the incidence of foodborne diseases has increased over the years and resulted in major public global health problem.