Why us?

Mission, vision and objectives

DNA Catcher aims to solve problems that cover any type of market through the use of new formulation technologies that allow the encapsulation and controlled release of any active ingredient. These systems allow, among others, an increase of the bioavailability, stability and solubility of the active ingredients, and offer protection against oxidation or degradation by temperature or acid pH. This is intended, among others, to improve human and animal health by increasing the efficacy and decreasing the toxicity of pharmaceutical/veterinary products currently in use; to mask unpleasant tastes and odors resulting from decomposition and putrefaction processes of food and waste; and to develop products that contribute to sustainable agricultural activities.

Our main mission is to become the right hand of companies in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic, textile and agro-food sectors that wish to develop products with optimum quality. DNA Catcher aims to be the priority alternative for our customers by offering maximum transparency, competitiveness, specialization and dedication to bring winning products to the market.

DNA Catcher offers a comprehensive and exclusive service to its customers whose main objective is to increase their chances of success. Simultaneously, the company is developing its own product portfolio to establish collaboration and licensing relationships with the most committed and qualified partners in order to bring the most competitive products to the market.


Experienced in multiple sectors.

Gas emision and bad odors neutralization.

Creativity & innovation
Cutting edge technology.

Environmental sustainability
Use of natural, biodegradable and biocompatible raw materials.

Meet the team
DNA Catcher’s team is made up of highly qualified and responsible people, with great creative and innovative capabilities.