What we do

With a proprietary technology platform (PCT/EP2020/062573), DNA Catcher has succeeded in developing systems that avoid the main problems of traditional encapsulation methods (scalability, use of toxic organic solvents, eco-toxicity, environmental pollution…). This company has developed an innovative parent technology for the development of controlled or sustained release systems called High Density Polymeric Beads (HDB). Its main advantages lie in the use of natural, Food grade, biodegradable and biocompatible polymers to obtain low toxicity and safe spheres for any application. This parent patent allows the development of polymeric spherical systems capable of being manufactured at industrial level (more than 200 ton/year) and at a low cost. In fact, the patent itself has demonstrated the viability and efficacy of the technology:
  • Development of controlled release systems for drugs and biological actives that maintain the potential of polymeric bead systems: increased bioavailability, controlled release, and enhanced solubility and stability.
  • Improvement of the stability of food additives, probiotics, proteins and peptides.
  • The versatility of the technology allows the encapsulation of microorganisms, both for their application as probiotics in functional foods and for their use in the agricultural sector.
  • Protection of the active ingredients against degradation by temperature or acid pH.
In addition, DNA Catcher is developing its own portfolio of products based on its patented technology: Multiple technologies that cover all markets.

Multiple technologies that cover all markets

Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
Human and veterinary medicine.

Environmental health & odor control
Gas emision and bad odors neutralization.

Food additives
Encapsulation of different types of food additives.

Flavors & volatile compounds
Enhancement of flavor performance in food matrices.

Why Us? Mission, vision and objectives
DNA Catcher has developed encapsulation technologies that avoid the main problems of traditional ones.

Meet the team
DNA Catcher’s team is made up of highly qualified and responsible people, with great creative and innovative capabilities.